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Ann Walker started her private consulting business in 2013 and has over 10 years experience working with Western Governors and congressional representatives on forestry issues. She is successful in reaching shared goals and outcomes through planning, management, and communications. Ann is a dedicated, respected leader among the wildfire community, experienced with educating congressional delegations on Capitol Hill and working with state officials, counties, and local communities to promote common sense forest management and fire-related laws and processes. 

Ann cares about healthy communities and works with them to build community capacity to address all the impacts of wildfire. She represented the Western Governors' Association in the development of the National Cohesive Strategy for Wildland Fire Management, focusing on three goal areas -- resilient landscapes, fire-adapted communities, and the improvement of emergency response to wildfire (2010-2015). She also served as lead author of the "Community Guide to Preparing and Implementing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan".

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